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M A R C Y   L Y N N

Residential & Commercial Interior Designer

Renovation Project Manager – Interior Home Stylist


Studied @ The Institute of Art & Design in New York, NY

Graduated from Décor & You Institute of Interior Design in Ridgefield, CT

NYS Real Estate Agent in Dutchess County, NY

I have always had a passion for interior design, I tend to always look at a space and visualize what it’s potential could be, and now through my design business I can help people create a comfortable atmosphere that reflects their individual style and help to tell the story of who they truly are.  


I started my design career in 2003 working as an in-home designer for local venues such as Pottery Barn and LaZboy, since then, I have evolved into becoming an independent business woman who strives to grow with every design project I complete.  My hope is to give my clients a sense of down-to-earth comfort and capture what truly brings them happiness.


I am a strong believer in being affordable for everyone, regardless of how big or small your job is, I want to work with you! I appreciate my clients and the trust they put in me to make their dream home or business space come to life!

Marcy Lynn

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